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Why is a website the key to selling?

Today we answer the question why is a website the key thing in sales? If you don’t have a website nowadays, it is considered that you don’t exist. The first thing most people do is to search for a brand or company through the google search engine to get information, if they can’t find it in most cases they give up, which means that brands or companies lose potential customers and automatically destroy their own budget.

Why a website is the key to selling?

Website is like a window

When you walk past a store and look at the window, the first 7 seconds are the most important and that will decide whether you will be attracted to go in and buy something, it’s the same thing with a website. An average of 7 seconds is needed to stay or leave a website, which means that the first impression is the most important.

Also, one of the most important things is that a website is not just about existing and providing some information, the main role of a website is to attract a potential customer to order a product or opt for a service. When you enter any page about clothing, we will give Zara as an example, most customers are attracted by the first 7 seconds, it is usually a banner on the page with the inscription “Up to 70% discount” or similar. That title attracts 90% of people.

A professionally created website where you publish quality and relevant content every day is the foundation for building credibility and trust between you, clients and potential investors. When you distribute your web content through the right channels (such as a Facebook page, LinkedIn or Instagram), you essentially build an image of an expert that customers can trust.

We hope that with this post we have clarified the importance of a website in the business world. You can search our website for more information, as well as services such as web design, graphic design, digital marketing and more.

Your competition is online

If you’re trying to stand out in an industry, no matter what it is, you should always assume that your biggest competitors already have a strong online presence. Consider for a moment some of the biggest names in any industry. There’s a good chance they have a website, just like their competitors.

It’s certainly smart to do some competitor research online. What are they doing that you could do better in terms of web design, page load time and web search engine optimization? What marketing methods do they NOT use? How much more attractive can you make your website compared to theirs to increase the performance of your website?

However, just having a website is not necessarily the only thing needed to be competitive. You need to continuously update it to offer better content and convince customers that your services are incomparably better than what your competitors are offering.

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