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Instagram trends

In 2021, Instagram trends are about authentic content, influencers, visuals, creativity, videos, stories and shopping. For starters, the platform has innovative tools that allow users to create interactive and fresh content. Furthermore, the platform has evolved to support its growing business accounts. There’s also the added context of more people left with their mobile devices. So it looks like Instagram is on its way to becoming the best place for e-commerce.

Whether you are just starting to build your presence on Instagram or you have gained a significant number of followers over the years, it pays to understand how this platform is evolving. With this knowledge you can optimize your reach your Instagram page and, therefore, the reach of your business. In addition to this, you should also consider the factors that go into building and business account management at the influencer level, such as finding good social media monitoring software . So it might be worth looking at Instagram trends for businesses to see if you’re ahead of the game.

90% of Instagram users follow businesses online (Instagram, 2021) and most interact with brand accounts. In fact, two out of three users believe that a social network enables interaction with a brand.

The most popular instagram themes

  • Yoga
  • News and politics
  • Cooking
  • Recipes
  • Health

From the attached we can see that topics related to health are currently dominating, due to the current situation. People are more at home, gyms or training centers are closed and most of them do yoga, exercises at home.

1. Meme content

Memes have become a means of rapid expression. From 4chan to gag sites like 9gag, meme content is used to entertain, tell a story, share feelings, express emotions, express opinions, or even give advice. These days memes have become a very strong and powerful part of communication among the youth and are spreading like wildfire.

Meme sadržaj

Giphy’s existence in communication tools shows how much memes are used today and how effective they are in capturing the attention of viewers. Top YouTubers like Pewdiepie, KSI, and Markiplier have a Reddit forum section for memes that they review in their videos, giving the best memes Reddit points and freebies.

2. Strategic publishing

Many brands and influencers struggle with the proper strategy of their posts. Rule 1: Never expect someone else’s strategy to work the same way for you. A general “rule of thumb” that companies follow is a ratio of 5:3:2; For every 10 posts you make, 5 should be external, 3 are official posts, and 2 are fun. However, you need to further modify this rule; in terms of platform, audience, content and purpose.

ContentStudio reports that post consistency trumps frequency. The general idea is simple, but often overlooked – such as quality over quantity, goal orientation, organization and categorization. Influencermarketinghub suggests the key to success with Influencer Marketing in 2021: Target audience for your brand, set goals relative to your business, find influencers that fit your audience, communicate and coordinate with your influencers to adjust your content strategy, perform CBA (content – Based Audits) and OBA (Opportunity Based Audits), Quality Assurance and Control, create campaigns with your influencers, graph performance and results.

marketing balkan

3. Instagram live

Ever since Instagram Live launched in 2016, live videos have become very popular on the platform. Streaming video in real time has a number of advantages that no other form of content has.

For one, it allows you to interact with your audience in real-time and allows for two-way communication rather than just one-way content sharing. They can make comments and ask questions that you can answer immediately. Instagram Live also allows you to add another user to your live video feed and you can interact with them live.

This offers many opportunities for your business to engage your audience. You can use live videos to answer questions from the audience.

Instagram uživo

4. Interactive content

Just like live videos, other forms of interactive content are trending on Instagram. Many brands and marketers are experimenting with interactive content to drive audience engagement.

Instagram provides many options for the interactivity and appeal of your content. Instagram Stories is especially good for creating and sharing interactive content with your audience.

Here are some ways you can make your Instagram content interactive.

Ask a question

This is a simple yet effective way to make your Instagram content interactive. Simply ask the audience a question and encourage them to answer. The more answers you get, the better for you.

For posts, you can add a picture with a question and ask people to send their answers in the comments. It’s much easier with Instagram Stories because it has an option to ask questions with a box to write answers.

Instagram pitanja

Create a survey

Polls are another popular form of interactive content on Instagram that you can use. These are similar to questions, but with two answer options for people to choose from.

It’s very easy to create polls using Instagram Stories stickers just like for questions. You can type your poll question and answer options and post them to your Story.

instagram ankete


Here are some other things you can do to create interactive Instagram content.

  • Create a quiz and give your audience a chance to test their knowledge.
  • Start a countdown to an upcoming announcement, product launch, event, or anything else.
  • Experiment with other interactive stickers for Instagram Stories.

5. In-app purchases

More and more consumers are turning to the Internet for their shopping needs for everything from clothes to food to cars. Since 70% of customers already use Instagram to find new products (Facebook), it makes sense that Instagram makes it easier and easier for users to shop without leaving the platform. As the pandemic derails plans for 2021, consumers are likely to increase their online shopping activity. On the Instagram mobile app, Shoppable Posts appear in your feed with a little shopping bag in the bottom left corner, and you can tap on products to see more information about them.

6. Branded AR effects

While branded effects were ridiculously popular at the height of Snapchat’s popularity, Facebook took the idea and turned it into an entire platform. Facebook’s Spark AR Studio went public in mid-2019, and since then more than a billion people around the world have used it to create their own AR effect filters. Branded AR effects are used by brands in a variety of industries, from cosmetics companies that allow users to see how different shades of makeup look on them, to clothing and home decor brands that allow users to virtually try on clothes or see how a particular piece of decor would look in their space. This is a great way for brands to market their products to customers who are increasingly turning to the internet for their shopping needs.

Grow your brand in 2021 with Instagram trends and social networks

Creating a strong presence brand on Instagram is a big part of any successful social media marketing strategies . It continues to prove itself as a platform for influencers, providing tools and even education to help brands reach and engage with followers. As Instagram continues to evolve, adding functionality and features that make it easier to keep users on the platform, it will be increasingly important for influencers and brands that have already built a following on the platform to focus their efforts here. With the 6 Instagram marketing trends for 2021 that we’ve shared here, you have more than enough to help you create a brilliant, engaging and effective Instagram marketing strategy that will help you outdo your competitors every step of the way. Instagram trends today are improving profits for brands.

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