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How to increase sales?

Kako povećati prodaju

Selling can be challenging because it involves a complex process of human behavior and cognition.

Whether you sell digital product online or running a regular business, these principles will work for you. They will help you attract more visitors to your marketing funnel and convert random visits into sales.

If you wonder how to increase sales? Then you have to understand your audience. By applying consumer psychology to your sales strategies, you can create more effective marketing campaigns, increasing both sales and customer satisfaction. We offer you 7 tips on how to increase sales.

Show your full potential

Customers should not leave your business with any products or services, but should be completely satisfied. It is important to make customers prefer your business over others by making the most of quality, unique and innovative products that can outperform similar products in the market.

Too many business owners, especially those in the professional services industry, do not provide enough education and information up front. When you provide more information than you are comfortable with, you empower your customers and actually bring them closer to your business.

Offer something for free

Receiving something for free makes people feel special and want to return the favor. In his book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” Dr. Robert Cialdini reports that a waiter increased his tip by 3% by offering guests mints after dinner. When he offered two coins, the tip increased by 14%.

Give customers a little freebie – it can be as cheap as a cookie or a sticker – to make them feel good and increase their chances of buying from you. Here is another example, when you take out your card at the bank after signing the contract, you get a ballpoint pen, car perfume, folder. It even includes a free promotion which we will talk about later.

Tell your story visually

Visuals can help make your message effective. Things like videos, tables, images, illustrations, or any other element that communicates some information visually will show how your prospect’s problem can be solved by what you’re selling. By using images you create contrast, which can create a sense of urgency.

Innovation and simplicity

The term sales innovation has a wide range of potential applications. Innovation can come in several forms to varying degrees. It could be a new strategy that your business is reluctant to implement. Or it could be a way to change the way you currently access media.

Although the definition of the concept varies from person to person and situation to situation, there is a consistent thread through each understanding of it – progress. Innovation means moving forward – it means trying to do something different to do it better. Innovation doesn’t have to mean thinking a thought that no one else has ever had before. It doesn’t have to be some bold new invention, presented live in front of a thousand people. It doesn’t have to happen on a massive scale with equally huge implications. Innovation can always have an impact – regardless of the form.

The first example of innovation – creating a profile on social media and promotion on the same.

Understand what motivates your customers to buy

Invest time to find out what motivates your customers (or potential customers). Take the time to get to know their needs, challenges, concerns and fears. Serve them first, and your interests will be served in return.

Kako povecati prodaju

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