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What is video marketing and why is it important?

Video marketing is not as complicated or expensive as you think. If you are reading this article with a smartphone, you already have a video recorder in your hand. With a little planning and a little creativity, you can make a great video that will attract an audience.

video marketing

What is video marketing?

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. For video, multiply that by another thousand. It’s the basis of video marketing, a powerful form of marketing that effectively engages your audience as part of your marketing campaigns.

Video marketing means using video to promote and tell people about your product or service. It helps increase engagement across your digital and social channels, educates your audience and allows you to reach them with a new medium.

Why is video marketing important?

Using video as part of marketing is getting a lot of attention from businesses of all sizes, including entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Renderforest research found that videos have helped businesses scale:

  • Brand awareness by 70%
  • Turnover by 51%
  • 34% sales

The outcome is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

The key to their popularity lies in their relative ease of interacting with prospects and customers across multiple platforms.

Small businesses are increasingly using video to attract, convert and retain new customers with great success.

What are the advantages of video marketing?

With access to faster networks, businesses are using video more and more to interact with their customers. Many businesses, probably your competition, are using video to capture value from their audience.

Why should you use videos in your social media posts? Video announcements:

  • Stay visible longer on social networks
  • Get more exposure and engagement
  • Increase understanding of your product
  • Stand out more
  • Provide a more beautiful way to interact with your audience
  • They are a powerful sales tool
  • Higher search ranking
  • They are growing in popularity on all platforms

Video examples

We present video examples that we recorded, edited and delivered to the client as a finished product.

Ilma City

-Ilma City is a resort for your soul, in the heart of nature by the Una river. We offer over 15 apartments, with indoor or outdoor swimming pools. Recharge your batteries and rest your soul.
From this example, you can see how in one minute and 34 seconds we presented Ilma City as a resort, the goal of video marketing to attract in this case tourists to come immediately, to keep in mind, create a desire to visit the resort through videos.

Treća Sreća

The mobile team of Treća Sreća provides a wide range of healthcare services from the comfort of your home. The mobile team of the practice Treća Sreća is at your disposal both in the medical field and in everyday life activities.

This is another type of video marketing, here we present the practice Treća Sreća and our goal is to make it easier for people who have elderly parents. So here the target group is children of pensioners, who do not have time to help their parents, but will hire a team of people who will do it.

If you want to see more video examples, visit our YouTube channel where we upload our promotional videos. YouTube channel Step2Digital

Enjoy video marketing – better engagement, better results!