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Why is Outsourcing Marketing Great for Business?

Wondering why Outsourcing Marketing is great for business?

Outsourcing marketing is the practice of contracting the marketing functions of an organization with an external firm. Both strategic and operational functions can be, and often are, delegated to a third-party marketing partner who has the specialized expertise, tools and professional staff to provide a complete suite of marketing services. And since he is responsible for the implementation of the program, the external partner usually reports regularly on the implementation of the program.

Of course, professional services firms rely on varying degrees of outsourced marketing, from handling everything in-house to outsourcing every function (see Levels of Outsourced Marketing Activities below).
For example, one marketing function that is commonly outsourced to professional services firms is website design. Very few companies have the in-house experience to design and develop a complex website. It’s a task best suited to a company that designs and builds websites on a daily basis.

Some businesses, on the other hand, outsource every aspect of their marketing. This allows their leadership and professionals to focus intensively on their core business. They rely on their marketing partner to propose a strategy, implement it and report on progress. Their marketing firm is a key partner in their success.

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What content can you outsource?

There is now a growing trend to outsource a wide range of content publishing and marketing projects to external marketing service providers. Below is a partial list of content publishing and marketing projects you can outsource.

  • Newsletters and email campaigns
  • Books and e-books
  • Columns with expert advice
  • Updating website information
  • Maintaining a blog
  • Podcasts and videos
  • White papers
  • Annual reports
  • Trade publications

Why outsource your content and marketing projects?

Business success requires a clear marketing strategy. However, it can be a daunting task for one to run a company and execute marketing strategies at the same time. Seeking the help of an online marketing service provider can help your business achieve your marketing goal. They can help you create the best content marketing strategy that fits your business while eliminating mistakes and false starts and saving you time and money.

When planning to outsource some aspect or your entire marketing project, look for an MPO company that does NOT charge a flat rate. Enlist the help of practical, results-oriented marketing companies that offer an easy-to-understand process for selecting the right services to meet your marketing needs. In this way, you will guarantee the quality deliveries that your business deserves.

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6 reasons why marketing outsourcing is a great idea

Why should you consider outsourcing your marketing? There are many good reasons, but most come down to dollars and expertise. Unlike sales, marketing is an expense, not money. The sales team is usually the last department to cut. Too many marketers can potentially eat into your profits, but too few can lead to an overworked team.

Sometimes you will need an outside opinion because you are too close to the situation, which can lead to tunnel vision. If you feel that adding more staff will make your company unbalanced, or you just need some clarity from an expert, it’s probably time to consider outsourcing your marketing.

1. Mitigate bandwidth issues

Every marketing executive I’ve ever worked with is multi-tasking, above and beyond maintaining focus on the marketing plan. It doesn’t matter if it’s a startup or a large corporation; marketing roles have many layers. I have several clients who deal with marketing, but also with other responsibilities within their organization. How can one expect to execute an optimal marketing plan with so many moving parts?

2. Reduce overhead

It is expensive to have an in-house marketing team. From HR and recruiting, to training and benefits, finding good people is a long and arduous process. Your needs will also vary depending on the situation your company is in.

For example, if a fair is coming up, you’ll need all hands on deck. All other work is on hold while the entire company gets involved. Now is a good time to outsource your marketing efforts so your full-time employees can focus on running the show.

Another variant of a potential need is a product launch. A product launch requires a unique marketing plan unto itself. They can be very time-consuming and exhausting. Employees may have to ignore important parts of the job to devote their time to the product launch.

When you leave marketing to an agency, you will get a complete and experienced marketing team that will successfully execute your plan.

3. Leverage industry

Marketing agencies live and breathe marketing. They are on top of the latest tactics and trends. The key to any successful content marketing plan is to keep it fresh, and when you have great content, you’ll start to see some reflective data. An outside agency can provide quarterly scoreboards to track the performance of marketing efforts and provide recommendations on how to maximize those results.

4. Grow your team

All team members have different strengths and depending on where your business is headed, your needs will vary from year to year. Some years require ground work that will have to come from a strong strategy before the key marketing elements are in place. Not all people are strategists, while some are great at strategy but terrible at execution.

5. Ensure consistency

Many engineering organizations offer their employees the opportunity for corporate growth. Their career growth may include sales, research and development, product development, operations and marketing. In one engineering company I worked with, employees change jobs every two years, which can be disruptive.

When it comes to marketing, if you find the right agency, they can be a consistent voice in your marketing plan.

6. Be clear on the big picture

Many times you know your company so well that you can’t see the bigger picture – the forest – for all the work you do in the weeds. It can be eye-opening to have an outside agency look at your marketing plans to find new and innovative ideas you hadn’t thought of.

You may feel like you know your audience, but you can’t put yourself in their shoes. You may be too close to your product to separate your emotions to see it the way a customer does. Fresh eyes can really bring clarity.

Now that you know why Outsourcing Marketing is great for business, With tons of tips, tactics, and examples at your fingertips, you can supercharge your marketing strategy.

The experienced team of Step2Digital Agency can understand your business and provide you a new perspective that will help you take your marketing planning to the next level.

Step2Digital agency for digital marketing and web design helps companies build a brand and grow their business. If you want more information or are interested in some of our many services, visit our contact page .

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